1. weather sounds:http://cathystudio.pixnet.net/album/set/2697203,上網 google 超多音效的,搭配這些音效,再請學生畫各種天氣簡圖後,就可以分組錄製氣象新聞了。建議利用 windows 相片檢視器的投影片功能(按右鍵可選擇隨機播放),請學生先依各種天氣類型打好播報草稿,然後依投影出的天氣簡圖播報,挺刺激的喔。XD

2. 各種雨的擬聲:drizzle(搓手)→ sprinkle(拇指+中指)→ shower(輕拍)→ rain(重拍)→ thunderstorm(重拍+跺腳) [這是我之前在敦煌師訓聽一位在國外教英文的老師分享的!]

3. English Vocabulary Word List

4. forecast:BBC(有線上氣象播報影片)、The New York Times(只有文字敘述版)。

5. 全球暖化、氣候變遷:Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis

6. water cycle

weather-related idioms:

Source: http://www.vocabulary.cl/english/weather-idioms.htm
▲ He offered to get her a drink to help break the ice. 破冰;打破僵局
▲ She's chasing rainbows if she thinks she can get into Oxford with her bad grades. 夸父追日;緣木求魚
▲ Every cloud has a silver lining. 塞翁失馬,焉知非福。
▲ She was a fair-weather friend because I couldn't get in touch of her after I lost my job. 酒肉朋友
▲ It never rains but it pours. 屋漏偏逢連夜雨。
▲ Don't spend all your money in one night. You should save for a rainy day. 未雨綢繆;以備不時之需
▲ Don't wear a white dress to the wedding, or you'll be stealing the bride's thunder. 搶鋒頭
▲ What they are fighting is nothing; it's just a storm in a teacup. 小題大作
▲ Thanks for inviting me but I'm not available this week. Can I take a rain check? 改天再說

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